To create an order, login to your Wix account and go to our app. 

1. Go to Create Order tab.

2. Select the photos you want to be edited. You have 3 methods to do this:

  • Via your Wix product images - This is the easiest way to pull images from your Wix store. Click on the "Product Images" tab and select the photos you want to be edited. 

  • Via Media Manager - Access your images from your local computer or your Social Media through our Media Manager. You can also get photos from Wix (Free) or Bigstock (Offered at a discounted price).

  • Via Dropbox - Select your images from your Dropbox files. 

Once you're done selecting/uploading photos, click Next button. This will redirect you to the Instructions tab.

3. Select instructions

Under Instructions tab, you can provide us with details on how you want your images to be edited. 

Once you're done, click Next to review your order. 

4. Review your order

You can review the images and the credits the order will use during this step. If everything looks correct, click Next.

If you have enough credits to process an order, clicking Next will complete the order processing.

5. Proceed to Checkout

If you don't have enough credits to process the order, you will be redirected to the My Credits section. 

Choose a credit package to continue. 

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