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What does the Auto Alt Text app do?
What does the Auto Alt Text app do?
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Our Auto Alt Text app helps Shopify merchants add and update all your product images’ alt text in just a matter of minutes. 

The alt text generated by our app is based on the format you set. We provide the following options to choose from: 

  • Color (using Google Vision AI technology)

  • Product Name

  • Product Handle

  • Filename

  • Vendor

You can select any of these options for your alt text format. For example, if you’re already using your Product Names and Filenames for your alt text, you can select Product Name and Filename from the list. 

This gives you more freedom and control over your store’s SEO. 

With our app, you no longer have to spend hours manually updating your product images’ alt text. In a few clicks, you will get optimized alt text that will help boost your search engine ranking.

The Auto Alt Text app also uses Google's Vision AI technology to identify the color of your product. 

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