When you connect your Pixc account to Dropbox, a new Pixc folder will be added to your Dropbox directory. Inside this Pixc folder, two more sub-folders will be created, “Upcoming” and “Processed” folder.

All new files must be uploaded to the “Upcoming” folder and it will take 10 minutes after the last image was uploaded to generate an order. You will then receive an order confirmation via email and be able to see the order is already under your Order History.

If you have a template and you want us to follow this, please send us an email at hello@pixc.com. If you need to include additional instructions, please reply to the order confirmation email.

Once your order has been edited, you will receive a notification and all files will be placed back into the “Processed” folder. We will mark the order as complete after 72 hours.

If you are not satisfied with the processed images, just log in to your account on Pixc.com. Go to “Order History”, click the Order Number of the image you want to return, then click the image and add comments why you’re returning the image. And finally, click “Reject”.

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