Step 1. Upload photos

Go to “Submit an Order” and upload your photos. Note that you have three ways to upload photos: via computer, Dropbox, or email.

Step 2. Choose a template

Click on “Next: Choose Template” and select the template you wish to use.

If you’re submitting your first order, you have the option to choose from Pixc default, Amazon default or custom template.

*For more details about templates, visit this link.

Step 3. Create and save your template

Templates are predefined editing instructions for your order.

Under Advanced Settings, there are three categories: Basic Options, Advanced Options, and General (You may add any special requests in this section).

Note that advanced options cost a little extra and will be added at checkout.

Step 4. Make payments

Even if you have a sufficient amount of credits in your Pixc account, payment for advanced editing options will be charged to your credit card or Paypal account.

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