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Steps to use the Photo Resize App
Steps to use the Photo Resize App
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Here are the steps to use our Shopify Photo Resize App:

1. Click the “Install” button in our app listing. You'll automatically receive 30 free images upon installation. 

2. Set up your resize template:  

  • Choose your resize method: Add frame or Cropping

  • Choose your aspect ratio: 1:1, 2:3 or 4:3

  • Choose other options based on your resizing method

3. Click the "Let's Start" button. Then wait for the app to analyze your product photos.

4. You have the option to select which images to resize. You can also use the filters on the app to make it easier for you to choose images. However, we do recommend resizing all your images to make them all consistent and uniform across your store. 

5. Click the Preview button to see what the images will look like in your store. No actual changes will be made during this step. 

6. If you're happy with the images, click the Resize button.

7. If this is your first time installing the app, you should still have 50 free images to resize. Otherwise, the app will direct you to the payment page, where you can choose which payment option is suitable for you.

8. Our app will start resizing and updating your store with the resized images. You can step away and even close the page while the app does this - we'll send you an email once the process is complete.

You can make the app run in the background to automatically resize your images whenever you add new products or update current product images.

You can restore your original files from the Settings tab. Note that Pay-as-you-go users only have 7 days to restore their original files.

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