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How does your Automated service work?
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Pixc now offers an automated service to help you, our users, get your product images back faster.

This service is perfect for individuals who are looking for basic product image editing. It covers the following editing only:

  • Background removal - You can also choose the color of the background you like for your product photos

  • Cropping - Make your product photos uniform across your online store

  • Border or padding - You can resize your images depending on your requirements

  • Shadows and reflections - You can add shadows or reflections for some depth

Our automated service works similarly to our normal editing service.

  1. Upload photos

  2. Choose a template

  3. Adjust your template settings

  4. Submit order

After submitting your order, you’ll be asked to confirm it. Please note that our Automated service can only accept basic editing only.

Depending on the number of images you’ve submitted, you can expect your order to be ready for review ranging from a couple of minutes to a few hours.

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