For our Automated service, you won’t have access to our in-house quality control team. You will have to check the images edited by our AI-based service.

You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Orders tab on your Pixc account

  2. Click the Order ID or the “Eye” icon to view the images in your order

  3. Review your images by clicking the image thumbnails to see the side-by-side comparison

You can also click the “View Images” link below the images if you want to view your photo in full view.

If you think the images need improvement, click the ‘Reject’ button to send it back to us for revisions. This can also be done in bulk by selecting all the images you want to reject.

Note: If your rejection requires additional editing that isn't covered by the credits you paid for, you’ll receive an email from us about it.

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