Step 1. Upload photos

Go to “Submit an Order” and upload your photos. Note that you have three ways to upload photos: via computer, Dropbox, or email.

Step 2. Choose a template

Click on “Next: Choose Template” and select the template you wish to use.

You have the option to create a new template, or choose from recent templates.

*For more details about templates, visit this link.

Step 3. Create and save your template

Templates are predefined editing instructions for your order.

Under the Template Settings of the On-Demand service, there are three categories: Basic Options, Advanced Options, and General (You may add any special requests in this section).

Note that advanced options cost a little extra and will be added at checkout.

Step 4. Confirm your order

Check your order to make sure you're submitting the correct files, as we're not able to process refunds.

Step 5. Make payments

Even if you have a sufficient amount of credits in your Pixc account, payment for advanced editing options will be charged to your credit card or Paypal account.

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