When you purchase credits, 1 credit is equal to 1 image under the Basic Options. Any options you choose under Basic are included in the 1-credit price.

The following editing options are included under Basic Options:

A. Background Color — This option allows you to choose your preferred background. You may opt to keep the original background; or choose from white, transparent, and other colors. If you choose “other," you have the option to put the hex code of your preferred background color.

B. Border — This option allows you to have a border (of any color and width you like) on the sides of the image.

C. File Size (Cropping) — This option allows you to choose the dimensions for your image. At Pixc, we use pixels (px) for dimensions. You have 5 sub-options under file size (square, 2:3, 3:2, 4:3, and custom). If you choose custom, you can specify the specific dimensions you want for the final output. If you want to have 2 sets of files for images of different sizes, you can also click on “Add additional size.”

D. File Type — This option allows you to choose the final file type of the images you've submitted. You can choose from JPG, PNG, or PSD.

E. Shadows — If you want your images to look more realistic, you may choose to add shadows to your images. We can do Natural, Drop, Cast, and Reflective shadows.

What’s the difference between Basic and Advanced Options?

Aside from regular background removal, cropping, and borders, Pixc’s team of expert designers is also capable of doing advanced editing.

The main difference is that Advanced Editing will cost you a little extra. Pricing per advanced editing is indicated per photo.

You’ll find the total of your order in a small box on the upper right side of the screen.

A. Recoloring — You may also choose to change the color of your product through this option. Just upload an image swatch, or choose a hex code of your preferred color. This option is perfect for entrepreneurs who have different color variations for their products.

B. Mannequin Removal — At Pixc, this is what we refer to as the “ghost mannequin technique.” If you are selling clothes and you want a more professional look by removing the mannequin of your product, you can choose this option. The goal of the ghost mannequin technique is to give your clothes that 3D effect. Right now, pricing for this is not visible in the Customer Dashboard (don’t worry, we’ll update this soon). The cost for mannequin removal is 2 credits per output. 

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