There are several ways to upload photos to your Pixc Shopify app: via your computer, your Dropbox account, or using your existing product images.

  1. Go to “Submit Order” tab or click “Create Order.”

2. Upload the images you want to be edited using any of these methods:

  • Via your computer — Locate your images in your files

  • Using Dropbox — Select your images from your Dropbox files

  • Via your Product images — This is the easiest way to pull up images from your Shopify store. Click on the “Product Images” tab, select the photos that you would like to be edited, and click "Select Template."

3. Create a custom template, or choose from your recent templates.

4. Adjust your template settings to match your image editing requirements so we can edit your images the way you want. 😄 

  • Basic Options are covered by 1 image credit and are the most common attributes we edit.

  • General Options allow you to add specific instructions that are not covered under basic or advanced options.

  • Advanced Options are advanced editing techniques that add that extra "Oomph" to your images. Please note that some options like adding a shadow cost extra and is paid in USD not image credits.

5. Click “Submit Order” to proceed. You're almost done!

6. Take the time to read the disclosure before confirming. When you're sure that the correct images have been edited click "Yes, I agree" and you're done! 😃

Your order has been placed. It will be returned to your Shopifye store within 24 hours. You will receive an email notification when it's ready.

Please note: Sometimes our emails end up in the junk folder, so make sure you check your junk mail, too!

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