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What are the image requirements for Amazon?
What are the image requirements for Amazon?
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The image requirements for Amazon are:

  • Drawings and illustrations of the products are not allowed. It must be a professionally lit photograph of the product being sold.

  • It must not contain confusing additional objects.

  • The image must be in focus, professionally lit and photographed or scanned, with realistic color, and smooth edges.

  • Books, Music, and Video/DVD images should be the front cover art, and fill 100% of the image frame. Jewel cases, promotional stickers, and cellophane are not allowed.

  • All other products should fill 85% or more of the image frame.

  • The full product must be in frame.

  • Backgrounds must be pure white (#FFFFFF).

  • The image must not contain additional text, graphics, or inset images.

  • Pornographic and offensive materials are not allowed.

Read more about the image requirements of Amazon here.

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