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Why do I need product images on white?
Why do I need product images on white?
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Did you know that 67% of online consumers consider clear, high-quality photos to be more important than product information and customer ratings? 

Having professionally edited product images increases your target buyer's confidence and perception of your product in terms of quality and trustworthiness, which ultimately translates to increased sales conversions.

Product images with white backgrounds effectively put the viewer's focus on the product itself and remove the distractions made by the other elements present in the picture. It also gives consumers a better view of your product while adding to the aesthetic beauty of the website where the product image is embedded.

You can also try other background colors which would best fit your design.

Marketplaces such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Yahoo Shopping, and Houzz, all require products to be on a white background. If you are selling on one of these platforms, Pixc can help you meet their requirements.

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